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Welcome to Frangokastello, the valley of myths!

"Liviko apartments" is situated in the mythical Frangokastello, roughly 15 kilometres East of Chora Sfakion and South of the City of Chania.

If you are in search of accommodation in a great environment and not in a usual hotel, then our rooms in Frangokastello are your best choice.

Set at the end of a sandy beach, wrapped in silence and surrendered into the hands of history, "CASTEL FRANCO", as the Venetians called Frangokastello, rises melancholically through its imposing presence. Six centuries in this corner of Crete, it stands on the same spot, it lives between the dimension of myth, history and time and claims a position in the glorious history of the unconquered Sfakia.

Enjoy your holidays in "Liviko apartments" next to the Venetian fortress, in one of the most idyllic beaches of Crete. Relax on the golden sandy beach enjoy the sun, the sea and the insuperable Cretan cuisine, an integral part of the famous Cretan hospitality.

Enjoy your holidays!


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Homepage  |  Rooms  |  Facilities  |  Rates  |  Location
History  |  Sightseeing  |  Photo Gallery  |  Reservations  |  Contact


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